Carpet Cleaning

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  • Gym Guard is designed specifically for the unique odor and soiling problems found in gyms and martial arts studios.  Gym Guard destroys sweat and foot odors and cleans away soil.  Not a cover-up or perfume but a new science molecular modifier.

    Gym Guard retards soil build up and enhances vacuuming.  Body oils leave a sticky residue which attracts and holds dirt.  Gym Guard absorbs these oils and changes them to a dry non-sticky crystal.


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  • O2 Plus brightens fibers and breaks down odor causing organic matter.  It also boosts the effectiveness of your extraction detergent.

    O2 Plus gives you the most concentrated form of water soluble oxygen.  Plus pH buffering and performance builders for your carpet extraction solution.



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  • Predator is a fast acting, hi-performance, moderate pH, pre-spray / spotter that is designed for use on new generation carpets.  Predator incorporates anti-corrosives to protect your equipment, anti-re soiling agents to enhance the quality of your cleaning, and low VOC's to protect the environment.

    This product meets the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) standards for cleaning stain resistance carpet.



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  • A quick convenient way to control foam and as an added bonus, it reduces odors in your recovery tank.

    Simply sprinkle a few tablespoons over the area to be extracted and forget about foaming. It’s handled.

    Adjust your application to match the demands of the job.

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  • ERASE is an enhanced dry cleaning solvent that couples instantly with water and water soluble soils. This enables you to clean a much broader range of soils than you can clean with typical dry cleaning solvents. Use ERASE to dry clean fabrics. Use Erase to boost the performance of any pre-spray Traffic Lane Cleaner. Or use it as an excellent dry spotter for adhesive, tar, makeup and wax type stains. Erase is ready to use no dilution required.



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  • Citrus pHire Prespray  | Heavy-Duty Powdered Prespray
    Citrus pHire is a heavy duty powdered carpet prespray designed for use in the restorative cleaning process. Citrus pHire contains the latest technology in cutting edge surfactants, powdered oxidizers, pH builders, citrus oils and green solvents. Citrus pHire dissolves easily in warm and hot water and starts to work immediately by dissolving grease and oils on contact. Its unique formulary is excellent for the most heavily soiled commercial and residential carpets.

    To increase the performance use Newline Emulso extraction detergent, Natural Orange DS, New O2 or Final Rinse.

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  • Final Rinse  |  Neutralizing Rinse & Anti-Browning Treatment
    Final Rinse is a specially formulated mild acid solution used as the final step in the wet cleaning process. Final Rinse is safe on natural and synthetic fibers and will remove soil and shampoo residues, stabilize dyes and help prevent browning in carpet, rugs and upholstery. When Final Rinse is used, carpets will stay cleaner longer and have a softer feel. It is also effective in dissolving urine deposits when used as directed.
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  • pHenom  |  Ultra Concentrated Prespray
    pHenom is the next great game changer in your cleaning business.  It’s the product that will outperform all others in your arsenal of cleaning products.  pHenom is the result of many years of research, formulation and testing components.  pHenom combines cutting edge surfactant chemistry with biodegradable solvent technology.  pHenom outperforms all other carpet pre-sprays with a 9.5 RTU pH and is V.O.C. compliant in all 50 states.  Ultra Concentrated Prespray.
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  • Citrus Slam  |  Premium Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Spray
    Citrus Slam is the #1 selling Pre-Spray in the Newline family. This unique product is full of power and boosted with d’limonene. It works on water and oil based spots and especially effective on food and protein based soils. Open the bottle and proceed with your cleaning and leave behind a great citrus fragrance.

    For added punch add New Energy, Natural Orange HD or pHire to increase your performance.

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