Floor Cleaning

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    Super strong, self leveling, low foaming wax stripper. 

    For use by trained personnel.

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  • Stone Guardian is the best protection for stone and grout you can buy.

    New advanced fluorochemical formulation protects your stone, grout, and masonry from both oil and water based stains.



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  • Freshworks High Fragrance Neutral Cleaner is a light, pleasant general-purpose cleaner with a delightful long-lasting fragrance.

    SDS Sheet

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  • Cleans and restores in one step, while improving original gloss. Extends stripping cycle and slows finish buildup. Will not powder or trap dirt. For use with high speed burnishers.

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  • Ridz's General Purpose Cleaner eliminates unpleasant odors while cleaning. Effectively neutralizes malodors through molecular bonding, working long after the initial fragrance has dissipated. This unique formula contains quaternary ammonium, odor counteractant, cleaning agents and a powerful deodorizing fragrance.

    • Contains quatinary ammonium.
    • Built-in odor counteractants encapsulate odor molecules and eliminate odors where they begin, not just cover them up.
    • No soapy, slippery residue after cleaning
    • Super concentrate- 1/2 oz. per gallon
    • VOC compliant


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  • A powerful blend of solvents and alkaline builders that can cut through years of grease, dirt and soil build up.



    Mop or spray on, let dwell 10 minutes then rinse. For heavy soil agitate with a rotary brush or high pressure surface cleaning toool. Dilute 1:5 for heavy restoration cleaning, 1:20 for routine cleaning.

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  • Tile & Grout Restorer is a concentrated blend of acids, chelating and wetting agents that can clean and brighten dirty, discolored grout lines and remove soil, hard water stains, lime build-up and soap scum from ceramic tile surfaces.



    1. Tile & Grout Restorer can be diluted with up to 3 parts of water depending on the amount of soil

    2. Apply by mop or sprayer

    3. Wait 5-10 minutes, in badly soiled conditions, re-apply and agitate the surface by scrubbing for best results

    4. Rinse thoroughly with a high pressure suruface cleaning tool and vacuum recover

    5. Grout can be sealed immediately with an impregnating sealer

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  • White Gold Unique Floor Coating dries crystal clear. Good choice for schools, hospitals, retail. Perfect for VCT. Test on other substrates such as terrazzo.

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  • Titanium Ultra Bright Floor Finish provides excellent film clarity and superior burnish response. Resists black heel marks scuffing, powdering and discoloration. Easy to strip, scrub, and recoat as needed. Low odor formulation used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, offices and retail environments. Stands up under heavy traffic and burnishing.

    • High Gloss
    • High Traffic
    • High Response
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Items: 19 of 25, per page