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    9555: 3-speed, 1/13 HP, 120V, 1 phase, ball bearing, permanently lubricated, permanent split capacitor.

    Controls: Side mounted rotary dial switch.

    Power Cord 9555: Black, 7’, 3-conductor with GFCI, SO type.

    Construction: Molded ABS Plastic.

    Compliance: ETL, OSHA.

    Call 985-785-2652 or email dawn@cleaningresource.com to set up a rental.

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  • APR Catalyst is used to increase the reactivity of APE Solution. This combination is especially reactive with organic and petroleum based soils by changing the soil to a slurry that can be rapidly extracted from the carpet via Applied Physics Extraction. Maximize performance by using Pro-Sorb two-stage bonnets.

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  • APE Cleaning Solution is the newest advance in the evolution of high performance Low Moisture Cleaning Science. APE Cleaning Solution is significantly different from multipurpose Low Moisture Cleaning chemicals in that it is designed specifically to maximize the Applied Physics that are functioning in bonnet cleaning environments. You will immediately notice that it is not as foamy as typical Low Moisture products. This is because foam retards the rapid migration of soil from the carpet into the cleaning pad. You will also notice that (especially when catalyzed) this product will remove soil that multiple cleaning by any other method could not begin to remove.



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  • ARA is designed to prevent rapid re-soiling of fibers.

    Rapid re-soiling is usually caused by a sticky substance or dirt that wicks up after a carpet has been cleaned.

    ARA acts as a drying agent that changes these sticky substances to dust that will not attract dirt and can be vacuumed away.



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  • “Browning Treatment” is a nonflammable chemical formulated to solve the professional carpet cleaners problem of carpet and upholstery browning.

    Good to remove browning due to over-wetting and wicking of jute back and works wonders for brightening discolored and drab area rug fringe.


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  • CSS Safe and Bright Step 1 will stabilize dyes to prevent color bleed in textiles and control browning. The first step in upholstery and oriental rug cleaning.


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    Chewing Gum, Adhesive Residue, Grease, Oil Tar, Waxes, Crayon, Lipstick, Mascara, Fresh Paint, Stickers, Price Tags, Shoe Polish, Scuff Marks



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  • A quick convenient way to control foam and as an added bonus, it reduces odors in your recovery tank.

    Simply sprinkle a few tablespoons over the area to be extracted and forget about foaming. It’s handled.

    Adjust your application to match the demands of the job.

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  • Dirt Chaser is a moderate  pH enzyme pre-spray/spotter. Dirt Chaser competes with high pH products and can also be used as a protein spotter. Dirt Chaser is great for breaking up grease and oil from cooking and other organic stains.


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