Equipment Rental

Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Equipment Uses and Applications 

Quality Cleaning Equipment & Supply’s industrial cleaning equipment offers a wide variety of uses and applications. With larger warehouses, sporting arenas, schools, and industrial facilities, cleaning becomes increasingly challenging. However, our rental cleaning equipment can efficiently and safely tackle any job.


Large-scale warehouses need to be cleaned to maintain logistical efficiency and worker safety. Our inventory of high-performance equipment keeps warehouse floors clean, which reduces the risk of dust and contaminant damage to warehouse inventory and equipment. Our sturdy equipment can clean smooth uneven floors, as well as scrub edges and corners without much effort.


Sports arenas need to be prepared quickly and thoroughly in between events. Our scrubbers provide maximum horsepower and the best water control. Whether it’s a walk behind, rider, or sweeper, our rental equipment can effortlessly meet the challenges of the entire sports facility. 

School Districts

There’s nothing more important than a clean educational environment for children. Clean schools lead to healthier and happier students, allowing them to focus on their studies. Our specialized equipment can make the cleaning process for universities and schools quicker, improving air quality as well as student and worker comfort and productivity.

Disaster Relief

In the unfortunate event of a disaster, big or small, the quick application of proper cleaning equipment is essential. We understand how hard it is for those experiencing these hardships, and we are proud to respond quickly to those who are in need. When a big storm hits or pipes freeze and burst, water damage can leave behind nasty mold, bad smells, and ruined floors. Our air scrubbers can filter out dust and contaminants during construction or remediation. We rent commercial dehumidifiers that can control the humidity in a wet room or structure. We also offer rental odor control equipment that can clean and deodorize problem areas.

Our inventory of high-performing industrial cleaning equipment can tackle numerous applications and uses. We have been providing the Gulf South the most advanced cleaning solutions since 1988, and our fleet can get the job done on time and within budget. Call 985-785-2652 to learn more about our cleaning and disaster restoration solutions.

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