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  • All-Out  |  Premium Carpet Pre-Spray
    All-Out Pre-Spray allows heavy duty cleaning with a mild pH. It is extremely free rinsing therefore eliminating problems associated with detergent residue. All-Out is solvent-free, soap-free and free of VOCs. It is extremely concentrated (1:32) and highly cost-effective. All-Out meets specifications for use on stain-resistant carpet and wet, cleanable upholstery and fabrics.

    In difficult situations try boosting All-Out with: New O2, New Energy, Natural Orange HD and pHire. Use all out on all 5th generation carpets.

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  • Citrus pHire Prespray  | Heavy-Duty Powdered Prespray
    Citrus pHire is a heavy duty powdered carpet prespray designed for use in the restorative cleaning process. Citrus pHire contains the latest technology in cutting edge surfactants, powdered oxidizers, pH builders, citrus oils and green solvents. Citrus pHire dissolves easily in warm and hot water and starts to work immediately by dissolving grease and oils on contact. Its unique formulary is excellent for the most heavily soiled commercial and residential carpets.

    To increase the performance use Newline Emulso extraction detergent, Natural Orange DS, New O2 or Final Rinse.

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  • Citrus Slam  |  Premium Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Spray
    Citrus Slam is the #1 selling Pre-Spray in the Newline family. This unique product is full of power and boosted with d’limonene. It works on water and oil based spots and especially effective on food and protein based soils. Open the bottle and proceed with your cleaning and leave behind a great citrus fragrance.

    For added punch add New Energy, Natural Orange HD or pHire to increase your performance.

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  • Final Rinse  |  Neutralizing Rinse & Anti-Browning Treatment
    Final Rinse is a specially formulated mild acid solution used as the final step in the wet cleaning process. Final Rinse is safe on natural and synthetic fibers and will remove soil and shampoo residues, stabilize dyes and help prevent browning in carpet, rugs and upholstery. When Final Rinse is used, carpets will stay cleaner longer and have a softer feel. It is also effective in dissolving urine deposits when used as directed.
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  • Fine Fabric Prespray  |  Fine Fabric Upholstery Prespray
    Fine Fabric Prespray combines revolutionary surfactants, wetting agents and emulsifiers designed to remove tough oils and soils commonly found in upholstery fibers. Fine Fabric Prespray can also be used on carpets adn rugs where a lower pH is needed. This would include oriental rugs and wool carpets.
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  • HD Upholstery Prespray  |  HD Upholstery Prespray
    New Energy is a semi-volatile and multi-purpose Olefin Carpet Pre-Spray, spotter and solvent booster.  New Energy excels at emulsifying oils, waxes and tars from carpet fibers….especially Olefin!  New Energy breaks the bond the oils form with Olefin fibers.  New Energy’s super-concentrated formula greatly improves cleaning performance of traditional pre-sprays in a fast economical way.
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  • Hi-Test  |  Alkaline Natural Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaner
    HI-Test is an alkaline tile and grout cleaner that is also a superior natural stone cleaner. It is safe on acid sensitive surfaces such as marble, tile, stone, grout, travertine, terrazzo, and more. It may be used for complete restoration or daily maintenance. It is biodegradable, low foaming and extremely free rinsing. This is our #1 selling natural stone and Tile cleaning solution by Newline.

    “Called Liquid Gold by many customers”

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  • Lo-Test  |  Acid Tile & Grout Cleaner
    Lo-Test is an acidic pre-treatment for cleaning man-made ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile and grout. Lo-Test helps dissolve grease and oil while maintaining an acidic pH. The low pH eliminates scale, mineral deposits and embedded stains. This unique blend of acid tile cleaner is stable with an aggressive degreaser on the acid side of the pH scale. Lo-Test can also be used as a daily maintenance cleaner when diluted 2 oz. per gallon of water.
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  • Mold Express  |  Mold Stain Remover
    Mold Express is a formulated solution containing stabilized hydrogen peroxide combined with cutting edge environmentally preferred solvents and surfactants that enhance the performance of mold stain removal. Mold Express penetrates deep into wood and other porous substrates and reacts with organic matter on contact eliminating stains deep into the surface.  Mold Express naturally moves organic mold matter to the surface and makes HEPA vacuuming easier and minimizes labor.

    This is a HAZMAT product and will require special shipping charges and handling.

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