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  • The LineVacer HEPA provides a powerful defense against microscopic dust and allergens. Four Level Filtration with certified HEPA filter as the last filtration stage extracts and traps harmful particulates, even asbestos and lead paint. This unit comes complete with a High Filtration Tool Kit. This vacuum is ideal for applications when clean air in a controlled environment is critical such as cleaning medical facilities, clean rooms and computer labs.

    • $774.08
    • Low profile, L-shaped 12" head to reach even smaller spaces
    • Comes equipped with premium quality on-board tools
    • Contains a high-performance dual-motor system and a low profile
    • Ideal for hotels/motels, retail stores, residential cleaning, offices, fitness centers, senior living
    • On-board attachments, super stretch-hose and convenient quick release wand
    • $459.00